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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Animals needing help.

I got another urgent mail from Michelle of the L.A. Rabbit Foundation. It seems that bunnies keep coming in at the shelter.  From the Netherlands it's hard to help, but maybe you, dear reader, can?

Please visit:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Politics, presidents and personal paths

In my own little personal country, the function of president is shared by two ministers: the minister of internal affairs (MIA, JoAnne L.) and the minister of foreign affairs (MFA, Jo J.), alternately

The MFA has saved the country from a huge debt recently. The  unjust debt was due to an error of one of the foreign 'business relations', the Dutch Tax Authorities. It took three months to reach the right person who could both listen and DO something, and ultimately the battle was won.  The MFA is now in retreat, as much a necessity as it is deserved.

So now  the MIA is acting as president. Economy and labor  are not on the agenda right now. Health and Art have the highest priority instead, while Environment is an important third item on the list.

Anyone who wants to contact the MFA will have to do so through the MIA.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


 While Eve [ of New Year's Eve]  is stepping out of the gray garbage bag of low self esteem and is hopeful of making Real Life work for herself, her younger sister, of 2016, has decided that life without a dream is hard. Empty.
She doesn't want too much reality in her life and sets out to find the balance ... to dream as much as possible and only deal with reality when -absolutely- necessary.

Strictness does not create powerful children

Have you been raised by the rule of finishing your plate, to be allowed your desert?  To finish your home work before being allowed to play?

This is supposed to turn children into adults who do not shrink from duty, even if it's not a nice thing to do.
But that's not the outcome....

It implies that all nasty tasks will pay off in something nice.  But life is not like that. Sometimes you work your a.. off  and you're NOT rewarded, life just keeps on sucking.

You were trained in task setting being done for you and that rewards are also coming to you from outside... you were trained to depend on the world around you.

If you were raised wiser, you would have been allowed to follow your own instincts, so you could learn where your judgment failed you,  so you could sharpen it. You would have learned to trust your own heart and that your ideas matter.  The self confidence that we need as adults.
And as for rewards... you should have learned that the joy of working on something that's connected to your soul and pride over your own endeavor, are the rewards...   Even if you tried and failed.. so you may try again!
No dependency on the society or world around you! It doesn't make a person anti social, but simply more confident. And confident people are healthier and function better.

The adage of finishing your plate first, and do your homework first can have even worse consequences ....
It may spoil your joy of doing something totally unimportant but fun... because oh, you haven't done anything boring before that. Which is your habit. Or there are unfinished tasks lying around...
And you may be a habtiual teeth grinder, working hard at finishing the job before resting... causing a burn out at age 50.

Play first and use the energy it gives to do what really must be done later on. If it still needs to be done! Some matters solve themselves over time.